The Johnson Family Foundation Trustees announce that after ten years of exemplary leadership, our Executive Director, Andrew Lane, is stepping down. 

It is with deep appreciation that we recognize Andrew’s decade of service to the Foundation and to our many grantees.  He has been instrumental in creating a strong bond between the Foundation and our various philanthropic and advocacy communities.

Over the next few months, our trustees will undertake an examination of our structure to determine how best to serve the ever-changing landscape of philanthropy.

During the transition period, Richard Burns will serve as Interim Executive Director.  Our funding will continue on track and on schedule.  Our commitment to our work and our grantees remains steadfast.  We will keep you updated as we move forward with our planning process.

Our trustees are eager to explore the ways in which we can continue to support the development of healthy, vibrant and just communities where individuals, families and the next generation of leaders will thrive.

If there are questions during this transition period please do not hesitate to reach out to Richard Burns at